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UCLA’s breadth and depth are unparalleled, and your support helps us make the most of these strengths.

Put your philanthropy to work toward one of these campus priorities — or whatever your passion or cause may be.


Two students, one with short dark hair and one with long hair and bangs, smile at another student who faces away from the camera

UCLA students are tomorrow’s leaders, thinkers, entrepreneurs, policymakers and healers. Gifts of support, including undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships, make it possible for students to fully immerse themselves in their educations. They ― and the future ― thank you.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Four students of varying ethnicities and genders talk happily while sitting on concrete steps.

UCLA is committed to expanding opportunity and providing a sense of belonging for all Bruins. With your help, we can ensure that inclusivity is at the heart of our quest for ongoing excellence.


In a lab, a man with medium-toned skin and short dark hair examines a machine producing concrete material.

From Nobel laureates to MacArthur Fellows to Pulitzer Prize winners and more, UCLA faculty are some of the most sought-after in the world. Your gifts help bring them to UCLA — and keep them here.

Make Your Difference

Whether supporting artistic innovation, improving care for patients or creating spaces for groundbreaking research, generous donors like you help UCLA drive positive change every day.